Saturday, February 26, 2011

Salmon - Sink or Swim?

I've never smoked fish before, much less a 2.75lb salmon fillet.  So Saturday was a bit of an experiment.  This salmon was first dry brined for several hours, followed by drying to create a pellicle (thin skin of film) to seal in all the natural fats etc. (That white junk that squirts out when you cook salmon).  So about 12 hours after this process started I finally tossed this hunk of fish on the pellet grill at about 190degrees, and a couple of hours later... yum...

I forgot "before" pictures!  This is on the grill about ready to come off

Ready to cut and serve.

This is about a third of the fillet... the "leftovers"

Leftovers will likely be made into a little salmon spread for a snack tomorrow afternoon with some crackers.

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