Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Smokin' Red Dirt BBQ - Enid, OK

Our third contest was Smokin' Red Dirt BBQ in Enid, OK. This was the biggest contest we have been to so far with 66 teams competing in this KCBS sanctioned contest.  We were once again lucky enough to have David Bouska and the Butcher BBQ competition team as our neighbor on site.  David has been a great help in getting Dr. Nordy's BBQ up and running and being competitive at these contests.  David was one of the teachers of the class I took in December, and he has been a great resource when questions arise on site at contests.  (Thanks David!)  For the record... Butcher BBQ finished 3rd in the country in the KCBS Team of the Year in 2011 so he is my BBQ "E.F. Hutton"... when he talks... I listen. (if you have no idea what the EF Hutton reference is you either have  lived in a cave your whole life or are too young to have experienced some great commercials).  

I forgot to take many pictures of this event... I'll try to do better next time.  

Dr. Nordy's BBQ
Chicken 60th
Ribs 40th
Pork 5th
Brisket 17th
Overall 33rd

Next Competition for Dr. Nordy's BBQ - Langley, OK May 18th-19th


  1. You are doing great for a newbie :)I don't understand the chicken being low on the totem pole. Do you marinate? Or do you rely solely on wood chips for flavor at these competitions? Congratulations anyway and glad you had fun!

  2. Chicken is brined. I knew this chicken was going to be bad... Didn't ever hit the tenderness I wanted... Will make some corrections and hopefully get it back on track.