Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nice Butts

First "low and slow" cook on the PG1000 (My New Toy) was a couple of small pork butts.  For all of you who are a little concerned about eating "butt" its actually the "Butt" portion of a pork shoulder.  Though the butt jokes are fun (and never get old) we are actually dealing with "shoulder"... I can't think of any good "shoulder" jokes...

Why is it called "Pulled Pork?"  The meat is cooked to a relatively high temperature (>190 degrees), making it quite tender.  After it is done you literally "Pull" it apart.  (See below) - I will refrain from jokes here...  

2 Butts 4.5 lbs each - Rubbed, Injected and Cooked at about 225 degrees for about 12 hours




After Pulling

When comparing this to My First Butt you may notice some color differences.  This redness you see near the edges of this meat is called a smoke ring.  It is an artifact of the smoking process.  It is not as pronounced or even present when cooking using an electric smoker (unless you do a few tricks to get it).  It is purely cosmetic as the smoke flavor permeates the meat whether or not a smoke ring is created.  Since this pork was cooked on the FEPG1000 it was fueled by wood pellets and thus gets a better smoke ring.  

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