Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moo + Oink = Moink

Moo = Meatball, Oink = Bacon.... Moo+Oink=YUM!

This is my first attempt at Moinks.  Cooked about 45 minutes on the PG1000 at 400 degress indirect then dipped in BBQ sauce and cooked another 30 min.  Though not the healthiest snack/appetizer, they were yummy.  Overall pretty easy to make with minimal cleanup as well.  

Moinks 2/4/2011 PG1000

Moinks are sitting on a frogmat.  This is a non-stick coated "fabric" mat that lays on top of the usual grate to keep them from falling through and sticking.  Plus you can turn the whole mat to rotate the moinks without having to move each one individually.  Frogmats can only be used on indirect cooking ie cannot be placed over the flame.  

Just before BBQ sauce dunk

Finished product (no leftovers)

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