Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a Jerk!

Smoked and grilled chicken thighs.  The "top" thighs in the picture were marinated in an Italian type Dressing/Marinade and the "bottom" thighs were marinated in Caribbean Jerk marinade.  The thighs were an experiment cooking completely indirect but with high heat.  I ran the grill at around 500 degrees, but never put the chicken over the flame.  The pineapple was grilled directly then laid on top of the Caribbean Jerk thighs as they finished.  Overall, both types were very moist with crisp skin.  The skin on the Italian thighs ended up being more "blackened" style but was quite good.   I would do this again, but would probably do a slower cook at a lower temp, and then jack the temp up at the end to crisp the skin. (or finish directly on the grill to crisp). 

Oh, and if you've never grilled pineapple... go for it!

2/18/2011 PG1000
Italian and Caribbean Jerk Chicken Thighs
Starting out

Finishing Up

A pile of Jerk

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