Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nice Racks and Baby Backs...

RIBS - get your mind out of the gutter...

Rib day was February 12, 2011... well at least at my house.  First I smoked 3 racks of pork spare ribs.  These were trimmed to "St. Louis Style."  When they are trimmed like this the PG 1000 will hold 3 racks on the lower indirect grate as shown below.  It's a tight fit, but it works.  I smoked these for several hours then foiled them and cooked them a little longer.  Turned out great... Just ask the ladies working on the Birth and Family unit at the hospital that day... 

The afternoon brought some loin back ribs.  These are obviously smaller (thus the name baby back ribs) and three racks fit on the bottom grate without much trouble.  These were cooked the same way as the spares, but I added some extra cayenne pepper to the rub for a little "kick." They were great and there was definitely a "kick" to them.  The rib connoisseur in our family, my three-year-old daughter Jenna, approved of the baby backs... so they must have been good.

PG 1000 2/12/2011 St. Louis Style Spareribs

Spares just before I foiled them to finish
(forgot to take any "final result" pictures!)

2/12/2011 PG1000 Loin Back Ribs

Dinner! - iPhone camera makes the ribs look a little 
more pink than they really were.  Excellent smoke penetration.

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