Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stillwater Elks Blazathon

Dr. Nordy's BBQ competed in our second contest April 6-7 at the Stillwater Elks Blazathon in Stillwater, OK.  This was a fun event with 49 teams.  I was a little more relaxed after having one contest already under my belt, but not completely comfortable yet.  Though it stormed and rained all night and much of the morning we had a good cook and were lucky to get a FIRST PLACE call in Ribs and a SIXTH place call in Brisket!  Not to shabby for our second contest. I am thankful for our Cookshack FEC100 and PG1000 smokers that cook great even in bad weather!

Our site in the Elks parking lot.  It was nice of them to put a sign to direct people to our site... The signs were a nice "night light" after the sun went down. 

Another view of the site

This is what Frist Place Ribs look like... or at least what the award looks like!

Kelli says these aren't staying on the mantel... shes wrong!  Hopefully will be adding more!

Dr. Nordy's BBQ
Chicken 47th
Ribs 1st
Pork 27th
Brisket 6th
Overall 18th

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