Saturday, March 19, 2011

16.5 lbs of Pork

One of our family's favorite BBQ dishes is pulled pork.  I was buying meat the other day, and couldn't steer away from this good looking 2-pack of pork butts.  Looked like a good time to cook a bunch of pulled pork and then put the new vacuum sealer to the test.  So here's the story of a 10lb and a 6.5 lb butt... 

These butts were  rubbed with Bad Byrons Butt Rub, injected with Nordy's secret pork injection combo and cooked at 225-250 degrees for about 18 hours... yes 18 hours... I thought they were never going to finish.  Butt they were worth the wait... (pun intended).  

3/11/2011 Pork Butts - PG1000
Friday Night

Saturday Morning

Finally done

Pulled yummy-ness

Both butts were pulled and tasted great.  I vacuum sealed 6 one pound packages to freeze and eat later. 

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