Thursday, February 24, 2011

High heat to grill the meat!

Time for a little change, no slow and low tonight.  Tonight it's high heat to grill the meat.  The menu included grilled tomato, mushroom, zucchini, yellow green and red peppers, and of course Rib Eye Steaks.

The PG 1000 is such a versatile device than it can cook both low and slow, and fire up to about 600 degrees for a nice searing heat for steaks.  The temp at the level of the cast iron grates got up to near 850 degrees during cooking these steaks.  

First I grilled my veggies at about 400 degrees in what I call a "grill wok" which you can see in the pictures below.  Once they are finished I move them to a flat version of this on the indirect side to keep warm etc.  After finishing all the veggies I mixed them all back in the "wok" to let all the flavors "mingle" for a few minutes.  

Then I jacked up the temp to the max 600 degrees and seared the steaks for a couple minutes on each side and then moved them to the top indirect racks to finish. Mine came off pretty quickly after that, but my wife likes her steak ruined, er... well done, so her steak stayed on a little longer.  Again... I forgot to take many pictures, but you get the point... 

2/24/2011 - PG1000 Veggies and Steak
Veggies in the grill "wok"

Peppers and Zucchini on the indirect while the shrooms cook

Tomatoes getting grilled up

Nice flame action shot... 

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  1. Those vegetables look awesome. ...Nothing like grilled mushrooms!