Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finally found some Tri-Tip!!!

While living in Bakersfield, California during the Summer of 1996 I was first introduced to a cut of meat called "Tri-Tip." Everyone raved about this great cut of meat and how good it was... and they were right, every Tri-Tip I had in California was excellent. Only problem is I had never seen this cut in Oklahoma and many butchers in Oklahoma had no idea what I was talking about.

However, here in Ponca City, I will occasionally find some Tri-tip in stock at Food Pyramid. I bought a couple this week and here is their story:

(Click here for more Tri-tip Info)

First Tri-tip in Cryo

Fat trimmed off the top and sides and bottom trimmed to 1/8th inch thick

This was seasoned with Butcher BBQ Steak and Brisket seasoning. This was cooked by searing directly on the PG1000 then finished off indirect to an internal temp of 140 then tented and rested for about 15 minute. Perfect medium rare coming off the grill.

Pictures make it look a little more rare than it really was.

Sliced up and ready to eat

Turned out pretty good. Seasoning was good but overall was under seasoned. I'm not sure whether or not it was related to this mild seasoning or if I just didn't use enough. Also needed a little better sear to get a little char.

This was the second tr-tip of the week. This time I boosted up the seasoning a bit using Montreal Steak Seasoning. Here it is trimmed and seasoned, ready for the grill.

Again this tri-tip was seared directly on the PG1000 then finished indirect to an internal temp of 140... but I was a little late taking it off the grill so it was closer to 145-150

The meat was rested tented in foil for about 20 min then sliced

Very juicy and tender. More of a medium than the target of medium rare.

Regardless... medium rare or medium this was great tri tip. Better flavor with more of a char and more flavor with the more robust seasoning.

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