Thursday, November 1, 2012

Operation BBQ Relief

You've seen the pictures and videos of the devastation in the Northeast due to hurricane Sandy.  Now you have a chance to help.

Operation BBQ Relief is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in May 2011 to help victims of the Joplin, MO tornado.  The group, headed by Stan Hays (County Line Smokers), Jeff Stith (Big Creek BBQ), and Will Cleaver (Sticks N Chicks BBQ), was able to serve over 120,000 barbecue meals in less than two weeks during the operation in Joplin.  This was made possible by businesses who contributed food and supplies and people from across the country who donated cash.  As a result of the operation in Joplin Operation BBQ Relief was born. (from the OBR website)

Head on over to their website and check out some photo albums and videos of prior operations.

Currently they are working on securing TWO locations, one in New York and one in New Jersey, and are attempting to raise $15,000 to fund that operation. So far many businesses have donated charcoal, rub, meat etc. and many individuals have given cash to help reach this goal.  I would encourage everyone who reads this blog to click to the donation page, and give a tax deductible cash donation to help feed those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  100% of the funds donated for will go toward disaster relief!   If you're in the area, contact OBR and volunteer to help them cook, serve, clean, or  whatever you can do.

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