Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heart Attack on a Biscuit

So I have been considering this cook for a long time... Finally the day came for the Stuffed Sausage Fatty. What is a "Fatty" you ask?  Its a normal chub of breakfast sausage pressed flat, filled with eggs, cheese, hash browns, or whatever you want, rolled up, sealed, and wrapped in bacon... It's then slow cooked at 225 degrees until an internal temp of 160-ish degrees, sliced, and served on a biscuit.  

Here is the photo essay of the process and results... 

This is the bacon "lattice" woven for the "outside wrap"

The sausage is pressed into a square inside a Ziploc bag.  This just makes it easier and when it comes time to stuff, you just cut the edges of the bag open.  

Scrambled eggs, O'Brien breakfast potatoes, and cheese cooked, cooled, and placed on the sausage.  Sausage is then rolled and edges and ends are sealed. 

The rolled stuffed sausage is then placed on the bacon weave and the weave is rolled around the fatty 

Rolled fatty wrapped in bacon. This was wrapped in wax paper and placed in the refrigerator overnight.

The next morning the fatty is wrapped in a frogmat and tied with twine.  

The frogmat is a nice non-stick way to both provide support and really helps when moving the fatty around on the grill.  (much like when I used them on meatloaf)

About an hour into the smoke I removed the twine and let the frogmat open. As the temp of the fatty went over 150 degrees, I increased the temp of the grill to about 400 degrees to 1) crisp the bacon and 2) cook some biscuits!

I placed the biscuits on another frogmat.

Almost done...

Finished product.  (one small "blowout" on the top, very minor)

Sliced up ready to serve.

Sliced you can see the eggs, hash browns, cheese, and bacon wrap.  The pink color around the outside of the sausage is the "smoke ring" you get from smoking meat. This is NOT "undercooked" meat.  The pink colored areas are cooked perfectly!

And the final "ready to eat" Stuffed Sausage Fatty sliced and on a biscuit

As a physician I shouldn't really recommend this meal... However, as a fat kid, and a cook... GO FOR IT.  


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  1. That looks fantastically fattening and delicious!
    From one fat kid to another ~ looks mighty good lol :)