Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meatloaf.... MoinkLoaf?

Time to branch out a little.  Found a good looking recipe for meatloaf on the Cookshack Forums and decided to give it a try. (about half way down, post by Pags with pictures).  

These meatloaves are 50/50 Beef/Italian sausage and have all kinds of stuff mixed in. (See recipe above.)  I made this into 2 loaves and then wrapped with a frogmat and tied to help maintain shape in the early stages of cooking.  The frogmats also help move the meat after it cooks.

I cooked them at 235 degrees for about 1.5 hours then released the frogmats and glazed.  I then continued cooking to an internal temp of 150.  Next the temp was increased to 400 degrees to set the outside/crust.  

Meatloaf - 3/19/2011 - PG1000

Both wrapped and ready for the smoker.

Starting the cook.  Temp probe in the middle/center of the right loaf.

Another look

After about 1.5 hours.  Frogmats released and loaves glazed with BBQ sauce

After setting the crust, ready to remove.

Loaves were rested lightly with foil tented over them for about 15 min before slicing.

Finished product.  

Meat had a good smoke/BBQ flavor with a great flavor of both sausage and beef.  Leftovers were sliced and pan fried (mostly to reheat) and served as Meatloaf sandwiches. 


  1. This meatloaf looks amazing!! I never thought abotu smoking meatloaf, however, now I think I will try it. Great photos....makes one really imagine the flavor.

  2. Thanks Tracy - It was yummy... too bad you're not my neighbor anymore!!! :)