Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brisket Fest

This cook was about two weeks ago...  Two prime briskets from Creekstone Farms.  One was prepped by marinating for several hours then rubbing it and cooking in the SM020.  This was foiled at about 170 degrees internal temp and put back in the smoker until it was above 190 and tender.  

The second brisket was a humongous brisket which was rubbed and injected about 4 hours prior to the cook and was cooked on the PG1000.  This brisket was not foiled until it was taken off the grill. 

When briskes were removed, the point was separated from the flat and the point was cubed and placed back in the smoker to make burntends.  Both flats were "rested" wrapped in foil, then in towels, and placed in a warmed cooler for 3-4 hours.  

Both had great moisture, and were quite good.  Burntends were melt in your mouth good!

Prime Brisket from Creekstone Farms.

First (smaller) brisket trimmed out rubbed and ready for the smoker.

Brisket in the SM020


Brisket after being foiled in the SM020

The "humongous" brisket (yes thats the same size pan as above)

Trimmed Rubbed and ready to go... 

The thinnest edge (on the right) is folded under slightly so it will fit...

The next day, just before removing... about 15 hours after putting it on the smoker

Burntends back on the smoker for about an hour.  They were then sauced and put in the smoker to set the sauce.  (Forgot to take more pics!)

Forgot to take many pics after... but this is part of the PG1000 brisket sliced and ready to eat!

Bottom line - The Cookshack smokers did a great job on both briskets.  I liked them both... If anyone ever wants more details... lemme know...


  1. Hmmm... contests in your future?

  2. Long way to go before I could consider that!

  3. By the way, Elizabeth and I recently traveled through Memphis and northern Mississippi. If you ask for BBQ anything, it's going to be pork butt. Period. ...Caught me off guard. If you want beef brisket, it's going to be difficult to find, but not impossible. ...But ask for brisket. If you want ribs, ask for ribs. If you want pulled pork..... ask for barbeque!

    Another sidebar... their sauce is thinner and more tangy because of the vinegar. (And don't get me started about Alabama. Their sauce is WHITE. White barbeque sauce. Please.) ...Always great to travel anywhere in the South and compare BBQ notes!