Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My favorite... Ribeye Steaks

Enough with this low and slow style of cooking... It's time for grilling some ribeyes!  

These ribeyes were marinated for about an hour and seasoned with Butcher BBQ Steak and brisket seasoning.  Then were placed on the indirect side to get a little smoke flavor at about 200 degrees. Honestly, the plan was for about 20 minutes, but I lost track of time and left them too long.  Consequently,  I couldn't  sear/grill them over direct heat quite as long as I wanted to and maintain a nice medium to medium rare temp.  After I realized steaks were done "smoking" I turned up the heat on the PG1000 to about 500 degrees and let the grill heat up.  I put the asparagus on while it was heating up.  I seared the steaks for a short time on each side and then removed them and rested for about 10 min.  Asparagus was cooked on the upper rack direct side until limp.  Steaks turned out so good I forgot to take a "cut through" picture!

Steaks and asparagus.  Grill at 500deg heating up now.

Steaks over the flame

Finished product with some homemade macaroni and cheese. 


  1. ...Great meal. Homemade mac & cheese is one of those southern sides that define comfort!

  2. Ribeyes are my favorite :) Those look scrumptious!