Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wings Wings Wings

Remember in my post on  Moinks or on ABTs I mentioned the PG1000 is a great grill and one reason is the ability to smoke/slow cook AND cook at high temps.  This comes into play with Moinks and ABTs by using higher temps to crisp bacon.  This is also very helpful when cooking wings as the higher temps can be used to crisp up the skin.  

These wings were lightly oiled with some EVOO then coated with Nordy's Spicy Rub. (bunch of spices and brown sugar with a hefty load of cayenne pepper.) They were cooked at 300 degrees then increased to 450 for about 10 min to crisp the skin.  

Wings on a frogmat. Indirect side of the PG1000

Can be tossed with your choice of "wing" sauce or BBQ sauce.
Also taste great without sauce!

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