Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So... after months of cooking and barbecue just about every weekend my wife's only request was "No barbeque-ey food this weekend."  The challenge was on.  Yes she still wanted, and expected, me to cook, just nothing with barbecue flavor. 

I decided to cook steaks one night with some grilled mushrooms... but that was too easy.  So I decided to come up with some kind of chicken dish.  I took this post by TN Q on the Cookshack Forum and tweaked it a little.  I cooked two chickens which had been cut into parts.  Each chicken was brined for about 5 hours, then the wet rub in the forum post was applied, and the skin was tacked in place with some toothpicks.  The chicken was then smoked on the PG1000 at 250 degrees.  The thighs, legs and wings were pulled at 170 degrees internal temp.  The breasts were quite thick and so after pulling the dark meat I increased the grill temp and finished them to an internal temp of 165 directly on the grill.  

This chicken turned out great.  It was very moist and flavorful.  The skin turned out quite edible though not crispy except on the breasts that were finished at a higher heat.  

Bottom line - The wife was pleased with a "no barbecue-ey" taste and she didn't have to cook!

One of the chickens getting ready to be brined

The brine mix

Chicken in the brine.  I put it in the pan as the bag was full... and I'm not into cleaning up messes in the fridge when the bags leak.

Chicken on the indirect side of the PG1000 at 250 degrees. 

The finished product!

We will be having this again!

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