Sunday, June 5, 2011

St. Louis Style Spare Ribs

So what are "St. Louis Style" Spare Ribs.  They are just normal pork spare ribs trimmed and with the brisket bone cut off.  You can see a great video of this made by Stuart Powell from Cookshack

This isn't the exact method I used for these ribs.  They were cooked on the PG1000 for about 4 hours and glazed with thinned out Blues Hog BBQ Sauce.  The ribs turned out great.  They could have used a little longer to aid in tenderness, but were quite good.  (It was dinner-time so I had to pull em off the smoker!)  I will repeating this recipe again with a little longer cook time.  

St. Louis Style Spare Ribs - PG1000


  1. Big Green Egg RULES!!!!

    Haha just kidding, looks pretty good for sure. I made ribs for my family memorial weekend and all they could rave about was the baked beans and hot links! Guess thats more ribs for me then!

  2. BGEs are great and all... but you can't beat the ease of Cookshack Pellet cookers. No fire to tend, no vents to adjust, just wait for the food to be done. AND people actually ATE my ribs!

  3. Yeah I've thought about getting a bbq guru vent system to control temps for my egg on low and slow cooks, but after a few overnight cooks and coming out 8 hours later to find my fire still sitting at 225 degree, decided a the guru wasn't necessary.

    I used this recipe ( for my baked beans and my dad couldn't get enough of them. Was hesitant about using peach pie filling in them, but it added a nice twist. In leu of bulls eye sauce I used Heads BBQ Sauce and Rub.

    Just wondering though, is it really bbq if there's no fire??? Enjoy the blog, gonna give that smokey chicken lasgna a try sometime!

  4. I'll have to check out the beans.

    Oh there's a fire on the PG1000, I just don't have to tend it! (Check out the picture at the upper right... fire fire!)