Sunday, June 5, 2011


Shish Kabobs - Noun: A dish of pieces of marinated meat and vegetables cooked and served on skewers.

The menu for the family gathering for Memorial Day this year included Beef and Vegetable Kabobs. I cooked about 40 skewers of beef and veggies on the PG1000.  The trick here is the relatively small "direct cooking" area on the PG1000.  This is easily managed however with a great result!  I cooked about 20 kabobs at a time by first putting them all indirect then cooking 5 skewers at a time directly on the grate then as they approached being done they were moved to the upper rack above the grate and 5 more were moved onto the direct grate.  As the top rack finished they were moved to the upper right, and eventually put in a pan on the lower left.  

This rotation demonstrates the different cooking areas of the PG1000 and the relative temp difference in these areas.  Left lower grate is highest with above the great next, then upper right and lowest temps at the lower left.  This is due to the unique design of this grill which provides an air flow pattern that achieves "top down" cooking on the left lower side.  

Kabobs - PG1000
Rotation I used while cooking
Finished Product

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