Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grilling and Smoking - What is BBQ?

This was a trial of combo smoking/grilling chicken wings, legs, and thighs.  Turned out pretty good, but not as good as the ones I did on the new pellet grill... see future post for more on that!

Some of you may ask what is the difference in BBQ, Smoking, Grilling etc... The word "barbecue" is used interchangeably for Grilling, Smoking, or anything cooked on the back porch, or even to reference the actual gathering, "a barbecue."  However, there is a difference in Grilling and BBQ.   Grilling is typically done over a direct heat source, over high heat, and usually over relatively short periods of time (15 minutes).  Barbecue (BBQ) is done over an indirect heat source, at relatively low temperatures, and over a long period of time (4-12 hours or more).  It also typically involves the use of smoke from various woods to flavor the meat.   

There you go... don't say I've never taught you anything... 

Smoked and Grilled Chicken
And After
Chicken Wings, Thighs, Legs - Smoked in the SM020 and finished on the gas Grill - 1/8/2011

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